Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to Farmer Frog!

We are embarking on an exciting journey and we invite you to join us!  The Farmer Frog is a joint project of Innovative Landscape Technologies and PorterWorks, Inc.  It grew out of a vision of ILT's owner, Zsofia Pasztor who shared that vision and passion with Anna Porter, VP of PW.  Together we want to revolutionize the relationship that human beings have with their food and the planet.  We want to help people reconnect with the roots of their food system--how it grows and where it comes from.

Why "Farmer Frog"?  In spite of the fact that frogs have often been unfairly maligned for being ugly, slimy, friends with witches, and causers of warts, frogs are actually amazing creatures!  In fact, in some pop culture frogs have "hidden talents."  Many ancient cultures considered the frog a symbol of life and fertility.  Environmental scientists believe that amphibians, including frogs, are excellent biological indicators of the overall health of an ecosystem because of their position in food webs, their permeable skin and their "biphasic" (in water as youngsters; on land as adults) life.  Frogs are very adaptable, inhabiting nearly every part of the planet, in every climate. And because they are cold-blooded their body temperature changes as their environment temperature changes.

So, let's see: hidden talents, symbols of life and fertility, predictors of ecosystem health, adaptable...sound like good farmers!  The Farmer Frog model is all about people rediscovering their connection with the source of their food (hidden talents). It's about helping people grow food that is healthy for them and enriches the environment (life and fertility).   It's about helping people be better caretakers of the ecosystem.  It's about helping people know what works in their neck of the woods and how to help it grow and how to prepare and eat it.  This is our adventure.  Come join us!